Country Springs Equestrian Center


Country Springs Equestrian Center has been Mattie the OTTB’s home since Feburary 2007.  She is very happy here!



Photo Gallery

Take a few moments to browse through the photo gallery below.

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Dawn with RJ and Nadia: "The Stable Mates"

RJ, our gator chauffeur


Cathy jumping Mattie

Riding Lesson

Kickin' up dust

Horse Show photo 1

Horse Show photo 2

Horse Show photo 3

The Tack Shed

The Feeding Stalls

The trampoline overlooking the large arena

The lower pasture

The Large Upper Pasture photo 1

The Large Upper Pasture photo 2

The Large Arena

The Picnic Area

The Stables

Collage 1

Collage 2

Collage 3

Collage 4

Collage 5

Collage 6

Bonnie, our Little Mama Kitty

Kit-Kat, our loving "lion"

RJ and Nadia


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